Pumpkin Snowman

Wait! Don't throw away your pumpkins from Halloween and Thanksgiving just yet! Reuse and upcycle them into a cute snowman for Winter with some embellishments!
By  Helena Kim  


  • Small pumpkins, three 
  • Toliet paper tube
  • Embellishments for buttons, eyes and nose 
  • Twigs 
  • Yarn 
  • Ribbon 


  • Permanent adhesive 


Basic supplies 

  • Black marker 
  • Scissors 

Video Project Instructions

1. Cut 1/4" from empty toliet paper tube for hat brim.

2. Cut multiple 7" lengths of yarn for hat. Fold each length of yarn in half and loop around cut tolier paper tube as shown in the video. Continue until entire toliet paper tube is covered. Gather ends of yarn and tie off to form hat. Cut off excess yarn, leaving 1/2" for hat pompom. Adhere hat to top of smallest pumpkin.

3. Adhere embellishments onto the smallest pumpkin to create snowman's face. Draw in the mouth with a black permanent marker. 

4. Break stems off rest of pumpkins. Adhere button embellishments onto middle sized pumpkin.

5. Stack and adhere pumpkins together as shown in the video.

6. Adhere twigs onto the sides of the middle pumpkin for arms. Tie ribbon underneath snowman's face for scarf.