Mosaic Planter Stepping Stone Kit


Diamond Tech Mosaic Planter Stepping Stone Kit 


Large bucket for mixing

Cooking oil

Measuring cup 

Video Project Instructions

1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to mix cement in large bucket until you reach a peanut butter consistency.

2. Apply thin layer of cooking oil to outer small mold and inside hexagon mold. Place small mold inside hexagon mold, this is where the opening for your plant will be. Place heavy objects like marbles or rocks inside small mold to weigh down.

3. Pour cement mix into hexagon mold around the small mold. Shake mold gently to smooth cement evenly and remove bubbles.

4. Place mosaic tiles as desired. Let cement dry for an hour.

5. Stamp letters as desired. Let dry overnight.

6. When dry, carefully bend and remove small mold and hexagon mold.