Layered Stencil Spray Paint Wall Art

Create a unique piece of artwork by layering simple stencils and using bright colors. Plutonium's changeable spray caps make it easy to control your application and requires only one coat for full coverage!
By  Helena Kim  

size varies


Wood canvas, 9”x12”


Plutonium Spray Paint in colors of choice

Plutonium Spray Caps

Folk Art Stencil Value Pack, 12”x12”: Backgrounds, Woodland 


Painter’s tape 

Video Project Instructions 

1. Tape raindrop stencil to top portion of wood canvas. Use beige dot thin cap to spray three rows of raindrops in color of choice. Remove stencil.

2. Tape mountain stencil to bottom portion of wood canvas, overlapping some of the raindrops. Use silver fat cap to spray entire stencil in color of choice. Using a lighter shade of the same color, spray lightly over stencil for added depth. Remove stencil.

3. Position raindrop stencil over tops of mountain, aligning with the raindrops sprayed in Step 1. Spray paint one row of raindrops using beige dot thin cap. Remove stencil.

4. Position tree stencil along bottom of wood canvas and spray paint one row in color of choice. Slightly offset stencil and spray again using the same color. Remove stencil.

5. Continue to layer stencils as desired and spray paint. 

layered stencil spray paint art