How to Wrap Odd Shaped Gifts

Have a bulky gift item that needs wrapping? Don't spend extra on buying a giftbox, just create a gift bag from wrapping paper!
By  Helena Kim  



  • Tape 


  • Scissors 

1. Center gift on wrapping paper. Wrap paper around gift so that there's a 1" overlap, cut excess wrapping paper and pinch the sides. Remove gift and fold along the pinched marks. 

2. Adhere 1" overlap using tape. 

3. From the bottom, fold 3" of wrapping paper upwards. Open up folded section and push in sides to create a vertical opening as shown. 

4. Fold top and bottom corners towards center and adhere with tape as shown. 

5. Open bag up from the top. Shape the bottom of bag so that it's flat and can stand on its own.