Felt Caroling Bird

By  Dondi Richardson for FloraCraft® Corp. 


  • FloraCraft Make It: Fun Foam Balls, 3", three; 1-½", two
  • Felt: black, white, red, blue, light grey, dark grey and orange
  • Jewelry wire, 12 gauge
  • Black half round eyes, 4mm, six



  • Black spray paint
  • Low-temp glue gun
  • Needle-nose jewelry pliers

Basic Supplies

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Large Needle

Video Project Instructions

1. Cut three 2-½” circles from felt: one red, one white and one blue. Glue a felt circle to each of the 3” balls. This is the bottom of the birds. 

2. Cut 1-½” balls in half and set aside one half for a future project. Firmly press and twist the half ball in place on top of the body until it forms to the rounded shape of the ball. The half ball edges should be flush with the top of the ball. Adhere heads in place.

3. Cut a 2-¼” black felt circle. Adhere it to cover the head of the white bird. Gather excess felt at back of head and trim to fit. Adhere in place. Cut a 2-¼” blue felt circle to cover the head of the blue body in the same way. Cut a 2-½” x 1-¾” blue felt triangle. Adhere the felt to the front of the head with the top of the triangle standing up to create a feather. Cut smaller triangles from black, blue and dark grey felt. Adhere these feathers to head one behind the other as shown in video. 

4. Cut a 2-½” circle from red felt. Adhere one edge of circle around front of the head. Gather excess at back of the head. Pinch and adhere a pleat at the back to create the look of a feather at top of head. 

5. Cut ¾” strips of blue, white and red felt to cover bodies. Cut a scalloped edge on one side of each felt strip. Starting at the bottom, cut a strip long enough to adhere around the 2-½” felt circle. Adhere straight edge of the strip around body, leaving the scalloped edge to hang free. Continue adhering strips up the body, slightly overlapping as shown in video. When you reach top, row you may need to cut strips a little thinner to fit.

6. Adhere a light grey felt heart to blue bird for face and adhere eyes in place as shown in video. Cut a small black felt oval and adhere it to the red bird’s face. Adhere eyes just above black oval. Adhere eyes to the head of the white bird. Adhere a small black felt heart to the chest of the white bird. Cut two tiny triangles each from the black and orange felt for beaks. Adhere beaks in place as shown. Cut small hearts from black, white and light grey felts for wings and adhere in place. 

7. Bend three consecutive 1” loops in one end of wire. Pinch the loops to shape foot. At ankle, coil three wraps of wire around nose of pliers. Bend wire straight up the leg to knee. At knee coil three wraps of wire around pliers again. Continue the wire up to the body and cut at desired height. Allow an extra 2” of wire at top to adhere into body. Repeat to create three sets of legs. Insert large needle through felt at bottom of body to pilot a hole for legs. Adhere legs into bodies.