DIY Faux Leather Cork Pouch

Create these fun DIY wall hanging pouches to decorate your walls or office space. They're super easy to make and can hold all your little knick knacks.
By  Helena Kim 


Circular corkboards

Faux leather

Suede lace

Stud embellishments


X-acto Knife 

Pro-Tapes Pro 408 Double-sided tape 

Basic Supplies 


Cutting mat 

Black marker 

Video Project Instrucions

1. Trace circular corkboard on faux leather with 1” of corkboard sticking off the faux leather edge using black marker. The straight edge will be the top of the pocket.

2. Use traced circle as a guide and cut circle ½” smaller using an X-acto knife and cutting mat. You may also use a circular template to trace a circle ½” smaller than circular corkboard and cut along the line using an X-acto knife and cutting mat.

3. Cut 2” strips of Pro-Tapes Pro 408 double-sided tape. Place 2” strips along edge of circular corkboard and adhere cut leather panel from Step 2. Press edges firmly to adhere.

4. Adhere Pro-Tapes Pro 408 double-sided tape to outer side edge of corkboard. Apply tape from where pocket starts and wrap around until the other end of pocket.

5. Adhere suede lace starting at the bottom outer edge of corkboard and wrap around to the top. Lay corkboard flat and leave enough suede lace slack on top for hanging. Bring suede lace down to other side of corkboard and continue to adhere. Cut excess suede lace.

6. Add stud embellishments to leather panels as desired and hang.