Clay Catch-all Bowl Video


Staedtler FIMO Soft oven-hardening modelling clay in colors of choice, 1-2 standard blocks per color (depending on size desired)

Acrylic paints

basic supplies


Craft knife

Oven-safe bowl

Paint brush




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1. Condition clay with your hands. Roll one long snake from each color and line them up side-by-side on covered work surface.

2. Twist the two snakes into one as shown in video; use palm of hands to roll it out. Fold the new, combined-color snake in half and twist again. Repeat this process several more times until desired mix is achieved. 

3. Roll out clay into a flat piece about ¼" thick. Use oven-save bowl as a mold and trace on clay with craft knife. Gently lift clay off surface and place into bowl, smoothing edges. 

4. Bake following manufacturer's instructions; let cool. Gently remove clay bowl and paint with acrylic paints as desired. 

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