Yarn Hedgehog

By  Kathleen George  for  The Dow Chemical Co.

size: approx. 7"x6"


  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam Egg, 4”
  • Brown/tan variegated yarn
  • Gray felt, scrap
  • Half-round black beads, 1/4”, two
  • Pink pom-pom, 1/4”


  • Acrylic paints: light tan, dark gray, pink
  • Pink chalk
  • White craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • spoon, pencil, stiff brush, chopstick or skewer, ruler, cardboard scrap, paintbrush, craft knife, plastic knife, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Yarn Hedgehog

  • 1. Cut small slice from side of foam egg so egg sits flat using plastic knife. Using sharp pencil, mark center on ends of egg. Draw line between two points, creating center line down back of hedgehog. At narrow end of egg, use fingers to press and pinch foam to shape nose. Use back of spoon to continue shaping and to smooth depressions. Indent foam along top of nose and in chin area. Make tiny depression with end of spoon to make mouth.
  • 2. On covered work surface, paint front third of foam egg light tan (face). Let dry. Drybrush small amount of pink on cheeks. Let dry. Lightly drybrush dark gray on eyes and nose. Let dry.
  • 3. To cover hedgehog, make 25 or more yarn tufts. To make yarn tuft, cut 2"x2" piece of cardboard. Lay 3" yarn length along top edge of cardboard square and hold. With your other hand, wrap yarn around square about 25 times over 3" piece; cut yarn. Both loop ends should hang at bottom of square. Tie 3" piece together in knot around loops of yarn. Cut loops off cardboard along bottom of cardboard. Pinch yarn together at knot so all ends are pointing down. Trim all ends of yarn to same length.
  • 4. Begin by attaching first nine tufts of yarn 1" from bottom of hedgehog and 1" apart. Place first tuft at drawn center line. Make hole in surface of foam with end of chopstick. Squeeze dot of white glue into hole. Place knot of tuft over hole and push knot into hole firmly with chopstick. When making remaining holes for attaching yarn tufts, point tip of chopstick slightly towards nose end so yarn tufts point back towards tail of hedgehog rather than straight up. Attach five tufts 1" apart from end of hedgehog towards nose along center line. Add row of four tufts on either side of center line about 1" apart. (Note: The hedgehog is not finished, but set aside to let glue set before continuing to work around face.)
  • 5. Print out and cut out pattern from copy paper. Trace and cut out two ears from gray felt. Lightly rub pink chalk on center of each ear.
  • 6. Make vertical slits with point of craft knife on either side of face for ears. Place dot of glue on slit and work bottom edge of ear into slit using craft knife. Repeat for other ear. Let dry.
  • 7. Add smaller yarn tufts as needed around face and behind ears. Refer to photo as guide. Trim yarn lengths as needed along bottom edge and on tail end.
  • 8. Adhere pom-pom (nose) and black beads (eyes) on face. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Experiment with smaller 2" and 3" foam eggs for hedgehog babies.