Floral Crochet Necklace

for  Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

size: adult


  • Artistrywear Crochet Beads*: White, four each: Small; Large; Black Small, two; Black/White Stripe Large, two
  • Artistrywear White Cord Beads*, four
  • White crochet flower


  • Black leather cord, 3/16”, 54” length
  • Scissors
  • *Products by Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
  • 1. Cut desired cord length and thread crocheted flower to center. Knot cord on each side of flower to secure.
  • 2. Starting with right side, thread small white crochet bead next to flower; knot cord to secure.
  • 3. Repeat step using following beads: large black and white bead; small black crochet bead; large white crochet bead; white cord bead; large white crochet bead; white cord bead.
  • 4. Add small white crochet bead; knot.
  • 5. Repeat above steps of adding beads and knotting on left side of flower.
  • 6. After final knot, tie bow closure.