Crocheted Summer Bag

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 9"x9-1/2"

  • Crocheted Summer Bag


  • Brown silk (for lining), 3/8 yd.
  • Cotton fabrics, 1/8 yd. each: light blue, red, purple
  • Green silk or satin, 1/8 yd.
  • Coats & Clark Aunt Lydia’s Tan Fashion Crochet Thread, one ball
  • Dark brown ribbon, 7/8"-wide, 2 yds.
  • White pearl beads, 5/16", seven
  • White bone rings, 1", seven


  • Crochet hook, size F
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Pinking shears
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • measuring tape or ruler, scissors


ch: chain
dc: double crochet
sc: single crochet

Pattern - Crocheted Summer Bag

  • Crochet Bag
  • 1. Using crochet thread, ch 46. For first row, dc in fifth ch stitch from hook; ch 1. Dc in second ch stitch on foundation; ch 1. Repeat dc and ch 1 pattern to end of foundation ch, ending with dc. (Note: There should be 22 dc stitches in row with a ch stitch between each.)
  • 2. For second row, ch 4. Dc in first dc and ch 1. Repeat dc and ch 1 pattern in each of the dc, ending with dc in second ch stitch at end of row. Repeat for 48 more rows, for total of 50. End off.
  • 3. For handle, ch 131. For first row, sc in second ch from hook. Continue sc in each foundation ch; ch 1. For second row, sc in each sc on first row; end off. Block bag rectangle and handle.
  • Assembly
  • 1. Fold bag rectangle in half with right sides of fabric facing in. Use crochet thread to sew sides together; turn right side out. Sew handle to bag top sides; weave thread ends into purse.
  • 2. For flower, tear 3/8"-wide fabric strip; adhere end to bone ring. Wrap fabric strip evenly around bone ring; adhere end to back.
  • 3. Adhere pearl bead to center. Make six more flowers from cotton fabrics in same way.
  • 4. For leaves, access pattern by selecting the info button near the main image, then select the pattern icon. Download and print pattern. Cut five pairs of leaf shapes from green fabric. With right sides of fabric facing, sew pairs of leaves together, 1/4" from edge, leaving bottoms open; turn right side out and stitch closed. Adhere leaf bases to backs of flowers. Use photo as guide to adhere flowers to bag; then stitch in place.
  • 5. For bag trim, leaving 16" length at beginning, insert ribbon into fifth opening on left side of bag, in second row of bag front. Wrap around bag top and through every other opening of second row, folding in half as you go. Tie ribbon bow and trim ends.
  • 6. For lining, use pinking shears to cut 9"x19" brown fabric rectangle. Fold in half to 9"x9-1/2" with right sides of fabric facing in; sew sides, 1/2" from edge. Turn top edge down 1/4" to outside of lining. Place lining inside bag; hand sew turned edge of lining to bottom of ribbon around top of purse.
  • Tips
  • 1. Try to make all chain stitches the same size. Don't make chain stitches too tight or bottom of crocheted piece will be narrower than top.
  • 2. Leave ends long at beginning of chain and end of crocheted piece. These ends can be used to sew sides of purse together or handle to top of purse.
  • 3. Block crocheted piece before assembling purse. To do this, simply press with a hot iron. Note: Do this only if using cotton thread.