Knitting Nancy & Jump Rope

By  Kathleen Greco  for  Jelly Yarns

With warm weather just a hop, skip, and jump away, get ready for some summer fun by knitting a quick-and-simple jump rope for your child or grandchild.

  • Knitting Nancy & Jump Rope
  • How to Bind Off


  • Craft foam cup holder (with hole in bottom)
  • Wooden clothespins, four
  • Jelly Yarn Bulky Yarn: Blue Smoothie
  • Craft foam, two 6”x9” rectangles


  • Craft glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, tape, rubber bands
  • Size
  • 1. Jump rope is 6' in length.
  • Knitting Nancy
  • 1. Position 5" piece of tape over front, top edge, and inside of cup holder. Position clothespin on each section, creating four equal sections.
  • Jump Rope
  • 1. Thread Blue Smoothie yarn through hole in bottom of cup holder. Wrap yarn loop counter-clockwise around four clothespins.
  • 2. Wrap yarn above loop of first clothespin, hold ball strand tight, and bring bottom loop up and over clothespin. Repeat around each clothespin. Pull yarn tight after each loop over clothespin. Continue working for 6' of jump rope.
  • 3. To bind off, position loop from first clothespin on second clothespin and bring loop up over top loop. Repeat around for next three clothespins. Measure and cut 8" yarn length and tie tightly around last loop.
  • 4. For jump rope handle, position 6"x9" craft foam rectangle on work surface. Adhere top and side edges together, overlapping 1/2". Position jump rope end on bottom edge of craft foam rectangle; roll craft foam around jump rope end and glue. Use rubber bands to hold in place until dry.
  • 5. Remove rubber bands. Trim end. Repeat for other jump rope handle.