Scrappy Scarf

By  Deborah Anderson 

size: varies

  • Scrappy Scarf


  • Yarns (Premier Yarns): Deborah Norville Collection Chunky-weight, three assorted balls; Citrine sock-weight, one ball
  • Metallic Iron-on Thread in assorted colors (Kreinik Manufacturing), two to three spools
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Solvy lightweight water-soluble stabilizer (Sulky of America)


  • Mini iron (Kreinik Manufacturing)
  • Teflon Pressing Cloth (Kreinik Manufacturing)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Quilting pins
  • Plastic bucket or container to soak scarf
  • Pressing board

Basic Supplies

  • scissors
  • 1. Cut two 6"x62" rectangles from stabilizer. Place one sheet on top of long table or work surface. Arrange yarns, ribbons and threads on top of stabilizer. Start from left side, going all the way to the end of the right side or vice-versa. Let yarns and fibers fall naturally so there are some curves for added interest. Leave some gaps between yarns and fibers, if desired.
  • 2. Place remaining sheet of stabilizer on top of fibers and pin all three layers together, approximately every 3" and all around edges.
  • 3. Thread sewing machine and bobbin with desired thread color. Machine sew straight stitches down entire length of scarf from right to left or left to right. Be sure to back stitch at beginning.
  • 4. When opposite scarf end is reached, put pressure foot up with needle down, turn stabilizer stack slightly, bring pressure foot back down and continue to sew back to top of scarf in long line, 1/4" to 1/2" away from first stitching line. (Note: It is not necessary to stitch straight.) Turn under ends of fibers to make a slight angle at both ends.
  • 5. After sewing length of scarf, sew across width of scarf in same way, back and forth without lifting needle. Sew all the way around perimeter of scarf twice. Be sure to backstitch.
  • 6. Remove all pins. Fill bucket with warm water. Submerge scarf in water. Stabilizer will dissolve quickly. Rinse scarf out well and squeeze out water. Lay scarf flat on towel to dry overnight.
  • 7. When dry, check scarf for any loose thread. Top stitch loose threads down on sewing machine.
  • 8. Place pressing cloth on pressing board. Use mini iron to apply iron-on metallic threads for added embellishment. Straight stitch or machine sew zigzag stitches to secure iron-on threads to scarf.