Yarn-Wrapped Pins

By  Melony Bradley 

This quick yarn-wrapping project will be a hit at the senior day care, scout meeting, or preschool! Or make these adorable pins for a parent or relative to wear on Halloween day.

  • Yarn-Wrapped Pins
  • Closeup View


  • Forster Woodsies: XL Circle; Large Squares, two
  • White cotton fabric scrap (Mummy)
  • Caron Simply Soft Yarn: Limelight (Frankenstein)
  • Lion Brand Fun Fur: Black (Cat)
  • Felt scraps: black, lavender, white
  • Ribbon: orange/black polka dot, black
  • Pin back, 2” (for each)
  • Wiggle eyes, two (for each), various sizes


  • White opaque marker
  • Beacon Adhesives Kids Choice Glue!

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Wrap the following: XL circle with white cotton fabric strip (Mummy); large square with Limelight yarn (Frankenstein); large square with Black fun fur (Cat). Adhere ends.
  • 2. Adhere eyes onto each face. Measure and cut three 5"-long orange/black polka dot ribbon lengths. Tie ribbons into bows. Adhere bows onto bottom of each face.
  • 3. For Mummy and Frankenstein, cut two 1" black ribbon pieces (mouths); draw zigzag "stitches" on ribbon with white marker. Adhere mouths above bows. For Cat, cut tiny black and white felt triangles (ears). Layer and adhere ears onto face. Cut tiny white felt rectangle (nose). Adhere nose onto face.
  • 4. For Frankenstein, cut tiny black felt triangles (hair) and oval (nose). Adhere hair and nose onto face. Cut small purple felt rectangles (neck bolts). Adhere neck bolts onto sides of face.
  • 5. Adhere pin backs onto backs.
  • Tips
  • 1. Use your ribbon and felt scraps to embellish your characters as you wish!
  • 2. If wooden shapes aren't available, cut large circles and squares from cardboard. Then just wrap with yarn and fabric!