Beaded Wildflower Travel Journal

By  Linda Wyszynski  for  Wichelt Imports/Mill Hill Beads



Wichelt Imports Natural Brown Weaver’s Linen, 4¼”x4¾”
White flannel fabric, 4¼”x4¾”
Mill Hill Seed Glass Beads: Pale Peach, Peach Creme, Antique Glass Cherry Sorbet
DMC Embroidery Floss: 744 Pale Yellow, 987 Forest Green-DK, 989 Forest Green; Pearl Cotton #8 517 Wedgewood-DK
YLI Corp. Grey Silamide, Size A
YLI Corp. Silk Ribbon, 4mm: Medium Olive Green, Cornflower Blue
Light teal sewing thread
Black leather journal


Embroidery needles: chenille, size 22; crewel #10
Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tak


Tissue paper and tweezers
Permanent black fine pen
Straight pins
Embroidery scissors
Rotary cutter and mat


1. Print full-size patterns. Trace floral pattern and outside box onto tissue paper and cut out with a ¼” border around the box. Place flannel behind linen, making sure edges match and pin in place.

2. Baste around edges of fabric to hold in place using teal sewing thread; remove pins. Center traced design on front side of linen and pin in place. Baste outer edges around outside edge of tissue paper pattern through both fabrics. Baste around outside area of leaves, veins and stems to help keep tissue from tearing while stitching.

3. Use chain stitch with three strands of 989 Forest Green to work stems.

4. Use straight stitch with three strands of 987 Forest Green-DK to work straight lines on stems near round flowers. Use straight stitch with three strands of 744 Pale Yellow to work stamen of other flowers.

5. Use lazy daisy stitch with Medium Olive Green ribbon to work leaves along stem. Use lazy daisy stitch with Cornflower Blue silk to work blue flower petals as shown.

6. Use the single bead stitch with two strands Grey Silamide and Cherry Sorbet beads to work round flowers. Use Pale Peach glass beads to work stamen tips on blue flowers as shown.

7. Trim layered fabric to 3”x3½” with rotary cutter and mat.

8. Use beaded blanket stitch with two strands of Grey Silamide and Peach Crème glass beads to work around edge of 3”x3½” pieces of fabric. Start working on lower right side and work upward toward your right hand. Continue to work around the area. Refer to photo for how corner stitches are placed. When working stitches, keep vertical stitches flat against fabric and beads snug against fabric edge.

9. When done stitching, carefully remove basting by clipping stitches and pulling threads. Gently pull away tissue paper by running a straight pin tip near edge of stitches. Use tweezers for small pieces that get stuck under stitches.

10. Use Fabri-Tac to adhere finished embroidered work to the top left corner of journal. Press down with hands for a few minutes. A heavy book can be placed on top of journal to help set adhesive. 

Always pull your beading stitches snug so the beads lay flat against the fabric.


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