Embroidered Bicycle Pillow

By  Helen Bradley  



Pillow form, 16”x16”
DMC Pearl Cotton 938 Ultra Dark Coffee Brown, size 5
Linen fabric, ½ yd.


Sewing machine
Embroidery hoop, 12”
Embroidery needle
Sewing needle
Disappearing fabric marker

basic supplies

Straight needles
Iron and pressing surface

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Pattern - Embroidered Bicycle Pillow

1. Print full-size pattern.

2. Cut two 18”x18” pieces from linen fabric. Place one in embroidery hoop.

3. Trace design onto fabric using disappearing fabric marker.

4. Stitch around bicycle shape and outside edge of basket using chain stitch with single thread. Stitch basket weave pattern using straight stitch.

5. Remove linen from hoop. Press both pieces of linen. With right sides facing, pin around edges to mark a 15½” square.

6. Machine-sew around three sides and 5” of the fourth side, leaving a 10” gap. Trim hem and corners. Turn pillow cover right side out and put pillow form inside cover.

7. Hand-sew 10” opening closed using ladder stitch or another invisible stitch of choice.