Punch Needle Coffee Trio

By  Chris Malone 

size: 5"x11"


  • Muslin or Weaver’s cloth, 8” square, three
  • Black fabric, 1/8 yd. (or scrap large enough to fit inside frame)
  • 6-Strand Embroidery Floss (DMC): Very Dark Coffee Brown (898); Black Brown (3371); Light Raspberry (3833); Medium Raspberry (3832); Very Light Beige Brown (842), two skeins
  • Brown ribbon, 1-1/2”, 22” length
  • Wooden frame with 4”x10” opening


  • Punch Needle embroidery stitching tool and threader (Clover)
  • Embroidery hoop with interlocking lip, 6”
  • Cardboard to fit inside frame
  • Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Pencil or fine-tip fabric pen

Pattern - Punch Needle Coffee Trio

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Transfer each pattern to center of muslin or Weaver's cloth. Place one square in embroidery hoop, pattern side up, and tighten hoop until fabric is drum tight.
  • 2. Follow stitching tool manufacturer's instructions for threading and punching. Use two strands of 3'-4' floss with punch needle gauge set at #3 (for 1/4" loops). Stitch design in the following order, first outlining area, then filling in with rows of stitches:
  • Heart Mug
  • 1. Heart: Medium Raspberry
  • 2. Mug: Very Dark Coffee Brown
  • 3. Inner Mug: Black Brown
  • 4. Background: Very Light Beige Brown
  • Striped Coffee Cup with Saucer
  • 1. Stripes on Cup: Light Raspberry
  • 2. Stripe on Saucer: Medium Raspberry (two rows)
  • 3. Cup and Saucer: Very Dark Coffee Brown
  • 4. Inner Cup: Black Dk. Brown
  • 5. Background: Very Light Beige Brown
  • Polka Dot Mug
  • 1. Polka Dots: Light Raspberry and Medium Raspberry
  • 2. Mug: Very Dark Coffee Brown
  • 3. Inner Mug: Black Brown
  • 4. Background: Very Light Beige Brown
  • Finishing
  • 1. Remove each design from hoop as it is completed. Cut away excess fabric, leaving approximately 1/2" fabric around punched design.
  • 2. Fold and glue excess fabric to back. Start with corners, folding diagonally right at edge of punching; then fold each side to back, forming a miter at corners. Apply glue thinly so it does not seep through to front.
  • 3. Cut cardboard to fit inside frame and cover with black fabric. Tie loose knot at each ribbon end with 12" between knots. Knots should rest at outer edge of frame. Trim ends in "v", 2" from knots.
  • 4. Insert fabric-covered cardboard into frame and place ribbon across center with ends extending over frame. Arrange punch needle designs evenly along ribbon with cup and saucer in center position. Lift each design, apply glue to back, and press to ribbon and background.
  • Punch Needle Instructions
  • 1. The floss is punched through the fabric between the woven threads. The weave of the fabric holds the floss to form a loop. Needle is threaded with three strands of embroidery floss, using threader. Set loop length at 3. Transfer design to fabric. Place fabric in hoop (fabric should be taut). Needle is punched in and out fabric with stitches placed close together. Outline design first, then fill in. When done, cut floss close to fabric.