Mommy & Me Cross-Stitched Cupcake Aprons

By  Linda Wyszynski  for  Charles Craft


  • Natural Aprons with 14-count Cross-Stitch Borders: Adult (#AP- 2066-5200-EA); Child (#AP-2065-5200-EA) (Charles Craft)
  • 6sStrand Embroidery Floss (DMC): Lavender Dk. (#209); Vy. Lt. Jade (#564); Cranberry (#603); Med. Electric Blue (#996)
  • Beads: seed: yellow; blue; pink; purple; small bugle: blue; green; purple; pink


  • Needles: #24 tapestry; #10 embroidery; beading
  • Natural Silamide Beadstring, Size A
  • White tissue paper
  • Black fine-tip permanent pen
  • Saucers or small dishes, two
  • Tweezers
  • Straight pins

Pattern - Adult's Apron
Pattern - Child's Apron
Pattern - Fig. 3 Adult
Pattern - Fig. 4 Child

  • 1. Print out patterns. Trace patterns onto tissue paper for the adult- and child-size aprons (Figs. 1 and 2). On a separate sheet of tissue paper, trace cupcakes for body of apron (Figs. 3 and 4); set aside.
  • 2. To find center of Aida panel, fold panel in half lengthwise and in half again widthwise; mark center with basting stitch. Match center arrows on chart with center of fabric. Use two strands Vy. Lt. Jade to crossstitch cupcake bottoms (Fig. 1). Cross-stitch child's apron in same way (Fig. 2).
  • 3. Place tissue paper on adult stitched apron, lining up pattern; pin in place. Baste around each cupcake to hold tissue paper in place; remove pins. Trim tissue paper around each cupcake, leaving 1/4" around each pattern. Use three strands of floss to stem stitch frosting lines right through tissue paper for each cupcake. Stem stitch as follows: Cupcake #1 Cranberry; Cupcake #2 Lavender Dk.; Cupcake #3 Med. Electric Blue. (Note: Stem stitch child's apron frosting lines in same way, reversing color order. Gently remove tissue paper and basting threads. Repeat for child's apron.
  • 4. In saucer, mix seed beads, and bugle beads in separate saucer. Use two strands of beadstring to randomly attach seed beads to frosting of cupcakes #1 and #3, and bugle beads to cupcake #2. Repeat for child's apron.
  • 5. Pin apron body pattern (Fig. 3) to adult apron, 4" over and 2-1/2" up from bottom left corner. Repeat for child's apron (Fig. 4).
  • 6. Baste around each cupcake in same way as Step 3. Use small stem stitches to stitch adult apron cupcake outlines as follows: left cup Vy. Lt. Jade and frosting Lavender Dk.; right cup Vy. Lt. Jade and frosting pink. For child's apron, stem stitch tipped cupcake outline cut Vy. Lt. Jade and frosting Cranberry.
  • 7. Use two strands of beadstring to randomly attach seed beads to frosting. For adult apron, use bugle beads for left cupcake and seed beads for right cupcake. For child's apron, decorate tipped cupcake with seed beads.
  • Note
  • 1. The main row of cupcakes on the Aida front panel is created using cross-stitch for the cups; stem stitches for the frosting outline, and beads for the sprinkles. The loose cupcakes on the aprons are created using stem stitches for the cupcake outlines with beads for the sprinkles.