From the Sea Apron

By  Michaela Learner  for  published by Search Press, © 2014

size: varies


  • Apron of choice
  • DMC Light Effects Floss: Blue Topaz (E334), Sapphire (E825), Light Sapphire (E3843), Aquamarine Blue (E3849), Medium Turquoise (E3845); Mid Summer Night (4240) Color Variations

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, embroidery needle, pencil, embroidery hoop, transfer paper

Pattern - From the Sea Apron

  • 1. Print out pattern. Transfer pattern to apron.
  • 2. Stem stitch main fish outlines using two strands each of E334 Blue Topaz, E825 Sapphire, E3843 Light Sapphire, and E3849 Aquamarine Blue.
  • 3. Blanket stitch edges of fins and tails using two strands each of E334 Blue Topaz and E3845 Medium Turquoise.
  • 4. Satin stitch eyes, gills, and lips using two strands each of E3843 Light Sapphire and E334 Blue Topaz.
  • 5. Straight stitch details using one strand each of E3843 Light Sapphire, E3849 Aquamarine Blue, and 4240 Mid Summer Night.
  • 6. Lazy daisy stitch scale details using one strand of 4240 Mid Summer Night.