Embroidered Floral Napkins

By  Linda Wyszynski  for  Hearthside Creations

Embroidery adds a special touch to purchased napkins when embellished with delicate glass beads.

  • Embroidered Floral Napkins


  • Dark teal cotton dinner napkins
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: Bright Chartreuse (704), Medium Parrot Green (906), Very Dark Melon (3801)
  • Mill Hill Crayon Yellow Glass Seed Beads (02059)
  • Sewing thread: yellow, white
  • White tissue paper


  • Needles: embroidery, beading

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, ruler, scissors, straight pins, tweezers, transfer paper, iron and ironing board

Pattern - Embroidered Floral Napkins

  • Note
  • 1. Use embroidery needle for basting and embroidering stitches. Use beading needle to attach beads working with double strand of sewing thread. To end thread, knot and run end under several previously worked stitches on back side of napkin.
  • Napkins
  • 1. Press tissue paper on lowest setting. Press napkin to remove wrinkles.
  • 2. Cut pieces of tissue paper slightly larger than pattern. Access pattern by selecting the info button near the main image, then select the pattern icon. Download and print patterns onto copy paper. Transfer pattern onto tissue paper.
  • 3. Using traced pattern, line up lines on pattern with lower right corner of napkin. If using a napkin with open weave edging, place flower stem over open weave. Adjust placement if needed. Pin pattern in place.
  • 4. Use white sewing thread to baste around pattern holding tissue paper in place.
  • 5. When stitching design, stitch through tissue paper and napkin. Use three strands of DMC 704 Bright Chartreuse and stem stitch to stitch flower stems. Use same thread to work base of buds using chain stitch. Start at top of bud and work down one side to center of basted outline. Work other side down from top to center. Place single chain stitch in center to finish filling in area.
  • 6. Use three strands of DMC 906 Medium Parrot Green and lazy daisy stitch to stitch leaves. (Note: Thread can be carried from one leaf to next by running thread loosely under stem stitch on back side.)
  • 7. Use four strands of DMC 3801 Very Dark Melon and lazy daisy stitch to stitch flower petals. Place stitches close together and keep tops even in area with tension loose.
  • 8. Use yellow sewing thread with single bead stitch to attach beads on center of flowers, sewing through bead two times. Use one to three beads in center, depending on size of center hole. Knot and trim thread ends. Remove white basting thread around tissue paper pattern. Remove tissue paper; use tweezers to remove small pieces.
  • Tip
  • 1. When washing embroidered napkins, use hand wash cycle without the spin cycle or wash by hand. Remove at once from washer and hang over a coat hanger to dry. Press on the wrong side using low heat.