American Pride Hanging

By  Jackie Hendricks 

size of stitched area: 3"x3"; size of finished design: 4-1/2"x4-1/2"; stitch count: 42 w x 42 h

  • American Pride Hanging


  • Wichelt Imports 28-count Navy Jobelan, 8”x8”
  • Kreinik #4 Hi Lustre Very Fine Braid: Red (003HL), Sapphire (051HL), White (100HL)
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: 336, 823
  • Coordinating backing fabric, 8”x8”
  • Pres-On Foam Mounting Board, 4-1/4” squares, two
  • Dark batting, 5”x5”, two
  • Mill Hill Crayon Glass Seed Beads: White (02058), Crimson (02063), Royal Blue (02065)


  • Beading needle
  • Clear-drying glue

Basic Supplies

  • needle, scissors, ruler or measuring tape, q-snap or hoop, straight pins

Stitch Types

Backstitch: 1 strand
Straight Stitch: 1 strand
Cross-stitch (Bead Attachment): 1 strand

Pattern - American Pride Hanging

  • 1. Backstitch star and center lines on center of design Kreinik 100HL Hi Lustre White over two strands. Knot and clip thread ends.
  • 2. Straight stitch firework flares Kreinik 003HL Hi Lustre Red and 051HL Hi Lustre Sapphire. Knot and clip thread ends.
  • 3. Backstitch lettering Kreinik 100HL Hi Lustre White. Knot and clip thread ends.
  • 4. Cross-stitch to attach beads as shown on graph using DMC 823. Knot ends.
  • 5. To finish, press dark batting onto both mounting boards to adhere. Position stitched design, with wrong side facing, on work surface; center mounting boards on design. Ease design edges to back side of mounting boards; adhere using clear-drying glue. Adhere backing fabric onto back of mounting board using clear-drying glue; smooth edges. Let dry.
  • 6. For border, make cording by twisting one skein of DMC 336 and one skein of DMC 823 together. Twist one strand of Kreinik 003HL Hi Lustre Red into cording to highlight. Adhere cording around design, beginning on top left corner, wrapping around edges, and ending at starting spot; spot glue. Adhere ends of remaining cording to top edges for hanger; secure using straight pins.
  • Tip
  • 1. Stitch entire project before adding beads; adjust placement as necessary.