Personalized Sweetheart Bloomers

By  Lois Winston 

  • Personalized Sweetheart Bloomers


  • Charles Craft White 14-count Sweetheart Bloomers
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss


  • DMC Tapestry Needle, #24

Basic Supplies

  • scissors

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 2 stranda
Back stitch: 1 strand

Pattern - Initials & Flowers
Pattern - Alphabet

  • 1. Print cross-stitch chart and key.
  • 2. To find center of fabric, fold in half and in half again opposite way. Cross-stitch top of design, beginning 3" below top of waistband. Mark center with contrasting thread.
  • 3. Choose desired letters from alphabet chart and cross-stitch design centered under top flower, separating letters with small heart motifs.
  • 4. Backstitch flowers with one strand 310. Backstitch pink letters with one strand 600 and blue letters with one strand 158.