Owl Treat Bag

By  Kathleen Berlew 

size: 6-1/2"x11" (with handle)

  • Owl Treat Bag


  • Craft felt, 9”x12”: brown, tan, olive green; gold, two
  • Embroidery floss: dark brown, black, white
  • Buttons, 1/2”, two each: black, green

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, needle, straight pins

Stitch Types

Running Stitch: Running Stitch

Pattern - Owl Treat Bag

  • 1. Print out patterns. Cut patterns from felt. Cut two 3"x11-1/2" feather strips and one 1-1/4"x11" (handle) from brown felt. Cut three 3"x11-1/2" feather strips from tan felt and two 3"x11-1/2" feather strips from gold felt.
  • 2. Fold one brown feather strip in half lengthwise; pin along open edge. Cut 1/4"-wide loops into folded edge, stopping 1/2" from open edge. Repeat for remaining feather strips.
  • 3. To make owl body, pin brown feather strip to remaining full sheet of gold felt so loops are 1/4" from bottom edge; leave 1/4" border on both sides. Pin remaining feather strips to gold felt in following order: tan, gold, tan, gold, tan, brown. Space strips evenly so looped edges overlap straight edges of strips and straight edge on top brown strip is 3" from top edge of gold felt. Using two strands of dark brown floss and running stitch, sew feather strips in place. Knot thread ends.
  • 4. Fold body piece in half with wrong sides facing; sew two short edges together using running stitch.
  • 5. Fold 3" edge of gold felt to inside of body. Sew in place, concealing stitches in hidden edge of feather strip.
  • 6. Pin base piece to bottom edge of body; sew in place using running stitch.
  • 7. Using photo as guide, sew black button to each white eye piece using black floss. Sew white eye piece to each olive green eye piece with white floss. Sew beak and finished eye pieces to small head piece using dark brown floss. Sew small head piece to large head piece using dark brown floss. Knot ends.
  • 8. Using dark brown floss and photo as guide, sew small feather to each medium feather; sew each medium feather to large feather using running stitch. Use dark brown floss and running stitch to sew around outside edge of each large feather. Fold handle piece in half lengthwise; sew edges closed using running stitch.
  • 9. Pin head to top edge of body. Sew head in place, stitching through top edge of body and back layer of head piece. Position green button near point of one feather; sew wing to body, attaching button. Repeat with other wing. Sew handle ends to inside of body. Knot ends.