Joy Tree Ornament

By  Alice Okon 

stitch count: 36 w x 76 h; approx. finished size: 2-1/2" w x 5-3/8" h

  • J02 Joy 1209 TCS 017


  • 4”x7” Misty 14-count Perforated Paper (Wichelt Imports Inc.)
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC)
  • Color Infusion Memory Thread (DMC)
  • 3-1/2”x6” Bright Green Felt
  • Quick Drying Clear Crafter’s Glue

Basic Supplies

  • needle, scissors, crafter's glue

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 2 strands
Adornments: 1 strand

Pattern - Joy Tree Ornament

  • Helpful Hints
  • 1. Memory thread can be shaped and reshaped into many shapes. If you don't like shape of your swirl or scallop, simply smooth thread out between your fingers and start over again.
  • 2. A small pair of jewelry tweezers maybe useful in forming Memory Thread into shapes.
  • 3. Applying small amount of glue to cut end of thread will prevent fraying.
  • Ornament
  • 1. Stitch design centered on fabric. Make 6 red and 8 fuchsia 5/8" Memory Thread swirls for tree decorations. Working from shuttle, start by bending 1/8" section back on to itself for center and slowing bending memory thread around it. End swirls by bending memory thread to back side of swirl and clipping. Couch swirls into place on tree with 1 strand of 321 floss for red swirls and 309 for fuchsia swirls. Secure threads on backside of ornament. Form 3 scalloped garlands with white memory thread holding each to tree to assure correct size for each section.
  • 2. Attach each to bottom edge of the light, medium and dark green sections of tree couching into place with 1 strand of white floss. Create 5-pointed star, 6200-gold Color Infusion Memory Thread, with center swirl for tree topper. Couch into place with 1 strand of 3821 metallic gold floss. Following chart for placement, couch length of green Memory Thread around outside of tree creating an arch at top. To make hanger, cut 6" length of Green Memory Thread; fold in half and adhere onto back side of ornament with small amount of glue. Glue ornament onto center of felt backing. Press into place and let dry.