Halloween Tea Cups

By  Jennifer Rodriguez 

stitch count: 58 w x 80 h; approx. finished size: 4-1/8" w x 5-5/8" h

  • S02 Cups 1009 TCS 004


  • 9”x12” White 14-count Perforated Paper (Wichelt Imports, Inc.)
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC)

Basic Supplies

  • needle, scissors

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 2 strands
Backstitch: As indicated in key
French Knot: 1 strand wrapped two times

Pattern - Halloween Tea Cups

  • Note
  • 1. DO NOT STITCH RED LINES - cutting lines only.
  • Hing
  • 1. To cut inside handle, start a hole with craft knife and finish with a small, sharp scissors.
  • Tea Cups
  • 1. Cut perforated paper to 4-1/2" wide x 6" long. Begin stitching either at top left or right corner. Cut along red lines.
  • 2. Using 3 to 6 strand of DMC #762, cut 2 pieces 9" long. Using one piece at a time, tie a knot to tea bag (know should be located on wrong side of tea bag). Attach other end to cup. Knot should be located in back.