Fancy Fall Garland

By  Heidi Boyd 

  • Fancy Fall Garland


  • Love It yarn (cotton/acrylic/ polyester blend) (120 yds./50 gram skein) (Berrocco): Salamander
  • Felted sweater scraps: brown; orange; yellow; light green; dark green
  • Amy Butler printed fabrics (Rowan)
  • Wool Roving (National Nonwovens): Brown; Copper; Green
  • Orange 6-strand Embroidery Floss (DMC)


  • Heat and Bond fusible web (Therm O Web)
  • Double-pointed or circular knitting needles, size 9
  • Darning needle
  • Iron and pressing board
  • Liquid dish soap

Pattern - Fancy Fall Garland

  • 1. For acorns, pull off a section of roving and tightly roll in ball. Add two or three more sections of roving tightly wrapping each one in a different direction around ball. (Note: Acorn should be at least 1" in diameter and 1-1/2" long.) When all acorns are complete, set out bowl of very warm tap water. Wet hands in warm water and place drop of liquid soap in palms. Begin rolling acorn in hands adding drops of water to moisten it. (Note: The friction, soap and warm water will agitate fibers and cause them to tighten.) Place acorns in warm sunny place to dry.
  • 2. For I-cord, cast on four stitches, slide stitches all the way down to other side of circular needle, then knit all four stitches again. Repeat to make desired length I-cord.
  • 3. Select large flat areas of felted sweaters such as back front or cut open sleeves. Cut fusible web and cotton to fit felt pieces. Follow package instructions to iron fabric to web, remove paper backing and fuse adhesive backed fabric to wrong side of felted wool. Repeat process to add fabric to remaining felt pieces.
  • 4. Print and cut out pattern. Trace leaves onto fabric side of prepared wool. Cut out leaves. Use quarter as an acorn top template and trace it onto scrap pieces. Cut out acorn tops.
  • 5. Spread I-cord out across work surface. Arrange leaves down length of I-cord. Distribute leaf shapes and colors for variety and balance. Place an acorn and cut cap on either end of cord, then sprinkle remaining acorns along length, tucking them between leaves.
  • 6. Thread darning needle with six strands of floss and knot end. With first stitch attach acorn to end of I-cord. Make stitch from top of acorn cap down through felted acorn then back up again. Slide needle inside cord then bring it out where first leaf is placed. Stitch leaf in place then slide needle back into I-cord to travel to next connection point. Repeat process to attach remaining leaves and acorns. Tie off floss and add new lengths as needed. End by attaching final acorn to end of cord.