Floral Pin with Monogram

By  Jackie Hendricks 

size: 3"x3"; stitch count: 45 w x 36 h

  • Floral Pin with Monogram


  • Wichelt 25-count Antique White Jobelan
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss
  • DMC Floss #798 (for cording)
  • Backing material, 4"x4"
  • Puffy board, one 3" oval
  • Sticky board, one 3" oval
  • Batting, 3"x3"
  • Metal pin back

Basic Supplies

  • fabric glue, scissors, measuring tape

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 2 strands
Backstitch: 1 strand

Pattern - Floral Pin with Monogram
Pattern - Floral Pin with Monogram - Alphabet

  • Note
  • 1. Use two strands of floss if stitching over two threads and one strand of floss if stitching over one thread.
  • Pin
  • 1. Cross-stitch flowers and leaves.
  • 2. Cross-stitch border.
  • 3. Backstitch flowers and centers using one strand of floss.
  • 4. Center monogram on fabric. Cross-stitch monogram.
  • 5. To finish, use one puffy board (for design) and one sticky board (fabric for back). Glue design together. Let dry 24 hours.
  • 6. For cording, use 12 one-ply strands. Glue cording around design and let dry. Attach pin back on back of design.