Embroidered Strawberry Vine Towels

By  Linda Wyszynski  for  Hearthside Creations

Brightly-colored, yellow tea towels create the perfect background for this summery strawberry display. Add dimension and a touch of texture to your strawberries by attaching black petite beads.

  • Embroidered Strawberry Vine Towels


  • Caribbean Brights Sunflower Kitchen Towels, two (
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: (498) Christmas Red-DK, (703) Chartreuse, (725) Topaz, (987) Forest Green-DK, (895) Hunter Green-VY DK, (3347) Yellow Green-MED, (3348) Yellow Green-LT, Blanc
  • Mill Hill Black Petite Glass Beads
  • YLI Black Silamide Beading Thread, size A
  • White tissue paper
  • Sewing thread: white, red, light green


  • Embroidery and beading needles
  • Mechanical pencil

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, straight pins, tweezers, iron and ironing board, thick towel

Pattern - Embroidered Strawberry Vine Towels

  • Size
  • 1. Size is 18"x27".
  • Note
  • 1. Use embroidery needle for basting and embroidery stitches. Use beading needle to attach beads. When working basting stitches, place knot on front side of tissue paper/fabric for easy removal. To end basting thread, make two small stitches, one on top of the other, leaving short tail of thread. To work embroidery stitches, use knot in end of thread. To end thread, run it under several previously worked stitches on backside of fabric and tie off. To attach beads, use double strand of Silamide knotted on end. To end Silamide, tie off on backside of fabric.
  • Towels
  • 1. Use ironing board and iron to press towels to remove wrinkles.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Use mechanical pencil to transfer strawberry pattern onto tissue paper. (Note: When tracing pattern, use straight line for small sepals and leaves on strawberries, flower, buds and stems. It is not necessary to draw small circles/dots on strawberries and flower.)
  • 3. Use ruler to find center at bottom of towel; mark with straight pin. Use marked center to center traced pattern 2" above hem. Pin pattern in place. Use white sewing thread to baste around outer edge of tissue pattern. Remove pins.
  • 4. Working stitches through tissue paper, baste pattern onto towel using sewing thread. Use light green for all leaves, red for strawberries, and white for flowers. When basting of pattern is complete, remove white outer edge basting thread only. Gently tear away tissue paper leaving basted outline of pattern. Use tweezers to remove small pieces of paper that catch under thread.
  • 5. Use 3 strands DMC 895 Hunter Green-VY DK to stem stitch stems of flowers and strawberries. See Stem Stitch Diagram.
  • 6. Use 4 strands of DMC Blanc to satin stitch flower and bud petals. See Satin Stitch Diagram.
  • 7. Use 2 strands DMC 725 Topaz to work French knots by placing cluster of seeds in center of flower. Place either five or seven with one in center and others forming circle. Refer to pattern for placement. See French Knot Diagram.
  • 8. Use 4 strands DMC 3348 Yellow Green-LT to lazy daisy stitch small sepal (leaves) next to flower and buds. Use 3 strands DMC 703 Chartreuse to lazy daisy stitch leaves on stems of flowers and buds. See Lazy Daisy.
  • 9. Use 4 strands DMC 987 Forest Green-DK to stem stitch outline of three large leaves. Use 3 strands DMC 3347 Yellow Green-MED to stem stitch veins on these leaves. See Stem Stitch Diagram.
  • 10. Use 3 strands DMC 703 Chartreuse to lazy daisy stitch cap leaves on strawberries. See Lazy Daisy Diagram.
  • 11. Use 3 strands DMC 498 Christmas Red-DK to chain stitch strawberry outline. See Chain Stitch.
  • 12. Use Black Silamide and Black glass beads with single bead stitch to randomly attach strawberry seeds. Sew through bead twice as shown. Refer to pattern for placement. See Single Bead Attach Diagram.
  • 13. Use 2 strands DMC 3348 Yellow Green-LT to backstitch tendril next to lower left strawberry. See Backstitch Diagram.
  • 14. Press towel. Position thick towel on ironing board and position strawberry towel with right side facing down on towel. Use low-temp iron to press strawberry towel. Repeat steps to create second strawberry tea towel if desired.