Calico Heart

By  Diana Thomas 

Liven up your home with a bit of color. This easy-to-stitch calico heart is sure to brighten your décor.

  • Calico Heart


  • 10”x12” Natural 14-count Aida
  • 6-strand Variegated Floss (DMC)


  • Needle

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 2 strands
Backstitch: 2 strands
Straight Stitch: 2 strands
French Knot: 2 strands (wrapped twice)
Lazy Daisy: 2 strands

Pattern - Calico Heart

  • 1. Stitch count: 51 w x 77 h
  • 2. Stitch design centered on fabric. (Note: To work with variegated floss, wrap floss around a 36" yardstick, wrapping lengthwise. Cut floss at both ends and attach to floss keeper keeping dark ends together.)
  • 3. Complete each cross-stitch before moving to next cross-stitch.