"A Day in the Garden" Embroidered Sham

By  Betty DiNardo 

size: 14"x14"

  • "A Day in the Garden" Embroidered Sham


  • Muslin or cotton fabric, 9” square
  • Coordinating-print fabric for front borders, two rectangles each: 4”x9” rectangle, 4”x15”
  • Coordinating-print fabric for sham back: 9-1/2”x15”, 10-1/2”x15”
  • Yo-yo’s: 1” black, 1-1/2” red
  • Fabric, scraps
  • Embroidery floss: green, black, white
  • Small buttons, 15
  • Black beads, five 1/8”
  • Pillow form, 14” square
  • Iron-on adhesive


  • Sewing machine

Basic Supplies

  • erasable fabric marker, embroidery hoop
  • 1. Sew 4"x9" fabric strips, with 1/2" seam allowance, along top and bottom of front center square. Sew 4"x15" fabric strips, with 1/2" seam allowance, along right and left sides of center square. (Designer notes that small strips of coordinating-print fabrics were used to make border pieces.)
  • 2. With two strands green floss, embroider flower stems on center square using stem stitch. With erasable fabric marker, draw butterfly body and antennae. Embroider body with one strand black floss using backstitch and antennae with one strand black floss using stem stitch.
  • 3. For leaves and butterfly wings, follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse iron-on adhesive on fabric scraps. Cut out desired number of leaves and two hearts for wings; trim pointed ends from hearts. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse leaves on flower stems and wings, overlapping slightly, on butterfly. Use one strand green floss and straight stitch to sew around each leaf and one strand black floss and straight stick to sew around each wing.
  • 4. For ladybug, position black yo-yo (head) and red yo-yo (body), folding one edge straight, on center square. Sew body, slightly overlapping head, on square using one strand black floss and straight stitch. Embroider feet and antennae using one strand black floss and backstitch. Add black French knot at tips of each antenna. Use one strand white floss and cross-stitch to sew ladybug's eyes. Sew black beads on body.
  • 5. At end of flower stem, use black floss to sew five buttons (flower petals) in circular shape.
  • 6. Turn sham back square under 1/4" and another 1/2" along one 15" edge. Machine stitch hems. With right sides facing up, overlap both hemmed back pieces, forming 15" square.
  • 7. Position front piece, right side facing down, on back piece. With right sides together, machine stitch, using 1/2" seam allowance, around all four sides. Diagonally clip corners and trim seams to 1/4". Turn stitched sham right side out. Insert pillow form.