Quick-to-Stitch Snowman Pin

By  Alice Okon  for  The DMC Corporation

stitch count: 34 w x 41 h

  • Snowman Pin


  • White 14-count Aida Cloth*
  • Pearl Cotton*: 310; 413; 415; 700; 702; 704; 762; 815; 3326; 3801; Blanc
  • 6-strand Embroidery Floss*: 310; 321; 910; 949
  • Memory Thread*: Green (6160): 2" lengths, two; Orange (6150), 3" length.
  • Red Seed Beads (Mill Hill), three


  • Embroidery Scissors*
  • Tapestry Needles*: #18; #22
  • Pin back, 1-1/4" long
  • Quick drying clear glue
  • *Products by DMC


BPhdc: Back-post half double
ch: chain
dc: double crochet
FPhdc: Front-post half double crochet

Stitch Types

Half stitch:: 2 strands
Backstitch:: 1 or 2 strands (see instructions)
Couching Stitch:: 1 strand

Pattern - Snowman Pin Chart

  • 1. Following chart, use #22 tapestry needle to half-stitch snowman with Pearl Cotton. Backstitch eye lines and eyebrows with one strand of 310 floss and mouth with two strands of 321 floss. Secure and clip ends on back.
  • 2. Following diagram on chart, insert #18 tapestry needle into fabric where Memory Thread enters and returns to backside of fabric. Wiggle to enlarge holes. Starting with holly, bend Green Memory Thread into a leaf shape similar to the one in the diagram, insert ends into hole and secure onto backside with one strand of green floss. Couch into place with one strand of green floss and secure end. Clip excess Memory Thread. Repeat for second holly leaf. For carrot nose, wrap Orange Memory Thread around writing end of pencil, making each wrap a smaller one. Remove and flatten into a nose with pointed end of thread tucked under and wider end inserted into appropriate hole in fabric. Secure and couch with one strand of orange floss. Attach beads with one strand of red floss. Secure on back and clip ends.
  • 3. Carefully cutout snowman leaving 1/8" of fabric around the perimeter. To prevent fabric from fraying, apply a small amount of glue to outer edge using #18 needle as an application tool. Let dry.
  • 4. Glue pin back to center back of snowman. Let dry.