Hugs & Kisses Punch Needle

By  Alice Okon  for  DMC Corp

Create this sweet "XO", or hugs and kisses, punch needle design to adorn a small gift box and fill with chocolates or other fun surprises!

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  • Hugs & Kisses Punch Needle


  • DMC Punch Needle Fabric: White
  • DMC: 6-strand Embroidery Floss: Blanc, 600, 602, 605; Color Variations: 4180; Memory Thread: White (6050), Fuchsia (6120), Pink (6130)
  • Mill Hill seed beads: Pink (02005)
  • Top-hinged box, 4-1/2"x5-1/2"
  • Coordinating-color fabric, 7"x12"


  • Punch needle of choice, 3-strand, on low loop setting
  • Punch needle threader
  • DMC: embroidery scissors, size 10 embroidery needle
  • Interlocking hoop frame, 7"
  • Spray fabric adhesive
  • Quick-drying clear glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler

Pattern - Hugs & Kisses Punch Needle

  • Size
  • 1. Size of design is 3-1/4"x4".
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • 1. Print out pattern. Transfer design onto center of punch needle fabric. Position fabric in hoop.
  • 2. Following pattern, punch needle design, working from inside outwards, beginning on "X" and "O".
  • 3. Turn hoop over and from front side, bend White Memory Thread around outline of letters; couch thread in place using one strand white floss. Trim thread ends.
  • 4. Punch needle inside of heart. Turn hoop over and bend Pink Memory Thread along outline; couch thread with one strand 605 floss. Continue to punch needle outer heart and outline with Fuchsia Memory Thread; couch thread in place with one strand 600 floss.
  • 5. Punch needle background and border leaving space free for beads. Sew beads in open spaces on front side using one strand 605 floss. Trim thread ends.
  • 6. Cover box with coordinating-color fabric; apply spray fabric adhesive. Trim excess fabric and smooth edges. Let dry.
  • 7. Remove design from hoop; trim around design leaving 1/8" border on all sides. Use clear glue to adhere design onto center of box lid. Let dry.
  • 8. Cut two 20" Fuchsia Memory Thread lengths and twist together, creating 15"-long cord. Bend cord around outer edge of design and use clear glue to adhere. Let dry.