Give Thanks Wall Hanging

By  Lois Winston  for  The DMC Corporation

size: 6-1/4"x17"; finished stitching size, 3"x4"; stitch count, 55 w x 43 h

  • Give Thanks Wall Hanging


  • Linen 28-count fabric (#739)*, 6"x7"
  • Coordinating fabrics, 1/4 yd., three
  • 6-strand embroidery floss in colors listed on chart*
  • Olive Memory Thread*
  • Plastic rings, 3/4", two


  • Tapestry needle*, #24
  • Iron-on interfacing, 6"x7"
  • Sewing machine and matching threads
  • Straight pins
  • Iron and pressing board
  • *Products by The DMC Corporation

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pins

Pattern - Give Thanks Wall Hanging

  • Note
  • 1. Use 1/4" seam allowance throughout and press all seams open while working unless otherwise noted.
  • Wall Hanging
  • 1. Fold cloth in half and in half again opposite way to find center. Mark center with contrasting thread. Use two strands of floss to cross-stitch design centered on linen.
  • 2. Backstitch with one strand 3031.
  • 3. Apply iron-on interfacing to back of linen. Trim linen to 5"x6".
  • 4. Bend Memory Thread into three small tendrils as shown in photo. Use chart and photo as guide to couch one to each pumpkin.
  • 5. Cut fabric as follows: From fabric A, cut two 2-1/2" squares, four 1"x6" strips and two 1"x18" strips. From Fabric B, cut eight 2-1/2" squares. From fabric C, cut 2-1/2" squares and 7"x18" rectangle.
  • 6. Sew small squares together as shown to form two patchwork blocks
  • 7. Sew one 1"x6" strip to top and bottom of each block.
  • 8. Sew a block to top and bottom of linen. Press seams out.
  • 9. Sew a 1"x18" strip to each side. Press seams out.
  • 10. With right sides together, sew 7"x18" piece to wall hanging, leaving opening at bottom center for turning right side out. Turn. Press. Hand sew opening closed.
  • 11. Sew a plastic ring to each side of top back for hanging.