Embroidered Button Basket Pillow Top

By  Alice Okon  for  The DMC Corp

The bold colors and rich floral design give feelings of old world Europe. Challenge yourself to create this pillow top which entails using seven different types of embroidery stitches!

  • Embroidered Button Basket Pillow Top


  • Pollika TrueFelt 100% Wool: one 13"x13" Ecru (V500); one 8"x12" each: Tomato (V507), Tea Green (V541), Denim (V560), True Blue (V601), Chick Yellow (V604), Camel (V613)
  • DMC Pearl Cotton 5: 322, 334, 349, 351, 580, 610, 783, 791, 937, 3021


  • DMC: size 22 chenille needles, embroidery scissors
  • Clear-drying water-based glue

Basic Supplies

  • transfer paper, scissors

Pattern - Embroidered Button Basket Pillow Top

  • Size
  • 1. Size is 13" square.
  • Pillow
  • 1. Print out pattern. Transfer pattern of each felt element onto appropriate-colored felt. (Note: Basket handle should be cut separate from body of basket and extended 1/2" on each end.)
  • 2. Transfer border curved line onto center of 13" square of Ecru felt. Stem stitch curved line in color 322. Secure ends and clip excess threads on back side.
  • 3. Position basket and handle cut-outs on center of square; spot glue to hold in place. Following design, backstitch slats in color 3021, stem stitch under basket and handle in color 610, and whipstitch top of handle in color 610. Secure ends and clip excess threads.
  • 4. Arrange button flowers in basket and spot glue in place. Straight stitch flower centers in color 783. Blanket stitch around edges of flowers in coordinating colors 349 and 791.
  • 5. Arrange petal flowers and spot glue in place. Embroider long straight stitches on base of flowers and long straight stitches and French knots on top of flowers in color 334.
  • 6. Embroider stems in double line of stem stitches in color 937 (for button flowers) and in color 580 (for petal flowers).
  • 7. Arrange leaves in basket and spot glue in place. Embroider vein line through each leaf with running stitch in color 580.
  • 8. Arrange leaves and button flower on corner of embroidered border line. Repeat stitching for all leaves and flowers.
  • 9. Arrange small daisy flowers in basket and embroider centers with French knot in color 351. Secure and trim all ends on back side.