Embroidered Mistletoe Mitten

By  Alice Okon  for  The DMC Corp.

size: 3-1/2"x7"

  • Embroidered Mistletoe Mitten


  • National Nonwovens WoolFelt: White, 4”x8”, two, 1-1/2”x3; Moss, 3”x3”; Red, 2”x2”
  • DMC Pearl Cotton 5: 321, 469, 3348, Blanc
  • Fiberfill stuffing, small amount


  • DMC embroidery scissors
  • Chenille needle, size 22
  • Pinking shears
  • Clear-drying water-based glue

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, scissors, straight pins, transfer paper

Pattern - Embroidered Mistletoe Mitten

  • 1. Print out patterns. Transfer mitten pattern and stem outline onto center of one 4"x8" White felt rectangle. Set aside. Transfer top cuff onto 1-1/2"x3" White felt; cut out and use pinking shears to trim bottom edge. Transfer leaves and trim under cuff onto Moss felt; cut out. Transfer berries onto Red felt; cut out.
  • 2. Use DMC 469 and stem stitch to embroider stem. Secure ends and clip threads on back side. Position leaves and berries along embroidered stem and use small dot of glue to adhere in place. Let dry. Embroider center of each berry using DMC 321 and French Knot. Embroider center vein on each leaf using DMC 469 and long straight stitch. Secure ends and clip threads on back side.
  • 3. Pin embroidered mitten and remaining 4"x8" White felt rectangle together; cut out mitten pattern from felt rectangle (for backing).
  • 4. Remove pins from top third of mitten pieces. Working on embroidered top only, position cuff and trim on top edge of both mitten pieces. Embroider French Knots in line across center of cuff and through all three felt pieces using DMC 3348. Reposition pins on top third of mitten. Use DMC Blanc and whipstitch to sew front and back pieces together, leaving opening on top.
  • 5. For hanger, cut 1/2"-wide White felt strip about 2-1/2" long. Fold strip in half and adhere to right inside edge of mitten. Let dry. Gently stuff mitten with fiberfill; adhere top edge closed.