Flower Pot Cakes

Bake delicious goodies inside terra cotta pots for an fun twist on sweet treats.
By  Helen Bradley 



Terra cotta flowerpots, 3”
Paper baking cup, 3”
Baker’s parchment paper
Burlap ribbon
Box chocolate cake mix and ingredients
Powdered sugar

basic supplies

Mixing bowl and spoon
Oven mitts

1. Wash and dry terra cotta pots.

2. Cut parchment paper into strips. Strips should be 1” wider than pot depth and long enough to line entire inner pot. Place paper baking cup inside pot and wrap parchment paper inside pot to line completely.

3. Preheat oven to required temperature. Prepare chocolate cake mix according to packet instructions and carefully spoon mix into pots. Fill them ½” from pot top. Clean any excess mix from paper liner.

4. Bake cakes in pots according to packet instructions. Cakes are done baking when an inserted toothpick comes out clean. Set aside until cool.

5. Place teaspoon of powdered sugar in sieve and shake over cakes to cover lightly.

6. Wrap burlap ribbon around each pot and tie into small bow. Trim ends of bow.

Cakes in flowerpots are larger than regular cupcakes so allow extra time for baking.