Gingerbread Gift Bag & Recipe

By  Helen Rafson 

size: 5-1/8" tall (without handles)


  • Paper Reflections white paper gift bag, 4”x5-1/8” (DMD Industries)
  • Papers: Paper Reflections Corrugated Kraft Paper (DMD Industries); red cardstock
  • Satin ribbon: green, 1/8”-wide, 5-1/2” length; red check, 7/8”-wide, 14” length
  • Round black snaps, 1/0, two
  • White wire, 24-gauge
  • Black half-round balls, 5mm, two
  • Wooden items: Woodsies Too small heart, 3/4” (Forster); mini rolling pin, 1-5/8” long (Lara’s Crafts)
  • Cherry Red Americana Acrylic Paint (DecoArt)


  • Variegated tan/brown embroidery floss, #105 (The DMC Corp.)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Craft punches: small heart; 2-in-1 Heart Mini Punch (McGill Inc.)
  • Adhesives: Paper-Tac; Kids Choice Glue! (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Anti-fray solution
  • American Painter® Shader brushes, Series 4300: #4; #6 (Loew-Cornell)

Pattern - Gingerbread Gift Bag
Pattern - Gingerbread Men Recipe

  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Cut gingerbread from corrugated paper. Use pencil to lightly draw a dotted-line border around gingerbread, 1/8" from edge, placing marks between ridges as needed. Use needle to poke holes through paper at each dot. Thread needle with floss and sew line of straight stitches between dots; use all-purpose glue to secure floss ends at back. Let dry.
  • 2. Cut 1" length from wire and bend into curve. Using photo as guide, glue wire to face for mouth. Glue black half-balls to face for eyes. Punch two small hearts from red cardstock for cheeks; glue to face at ends of mouth. Glue snaps to body for buttons. Let glue dry completely.
  • 3. Tie green ribbon into bow; cut ends at angle and follow manufacturer's instructions to apply anti-fray solution. When dry, glue bow to body.
  • 4. Use black fine-tip permanent marker to draw dash/dot border around gift bag edges. Center and glue gingerbread to bag using paper adhesive. Draw dashed-line border around gingerbread.
  • 5. Use #6 shader to paint wooden heart Cherry Red; let dry. Use marker to draw dashed-line border around heart. Use #4 shader to paint rolling pin handles Cherry Red; let dry. Glue heart and rolling pin to gingerbread as shown; let dry completely.
  • 6. Use multi-size punch to punch four hearts from card stock; glue to gift bag corners. Tie red check ribbon into bow around gift bag handle; spot glue to secure. Cut ribbon ends in a "V"; apply anti-fray solution.