Beaded Ribbon Jewelry & Recipe

By  Ruth Gottmann, Abby Foster, and Debbie Roman 

  • Beaded Ribbon Jewelry
  • Gum Drop & Chocolate Caramel Cookies


  • Beads of choice (Note: Make sure ribbon and needle will fit through bead holes)
  • Ribbon of choice


  • Beading needle

Pattern - Chocolate Chip Caramel Cookies
Pattern - Gumdrop Cookies

  • 1. Thread ribbon through needle hole; knot, leaving 6" tail for bow.
  • 2. String bead onto ribbon; knot. Repeat until desired bracelet or necklace length is achieved; knot, leaving 6" tail for bow. Tie bow and trim ends as desired.
  • Tips
  • 1. Longer ribbon and a few more beads makes for a cute matching necklace!
  • 2. Purchase beads at specialty bead stores, craft stores, flea markets, or online. Recycle beads, pendants, and charms from old or broken jewelry.
  • 3. For easier beading, try beading needles from specialty bead store and sheer ribbon.
  • 4. Ask guests to bring a variety of beads for the best selection possible.
  • 5. Purchase inexpensive beads and pearls from your local craft store and place in separate bowls for more options.