Snowman Jar with Sugared Nuts & Recipe

By  Mary Ayres 


  • Green glass square jar with cork stopper (available at Michael’s), 3”x3”x3-1/2”
  • Ultra Gloss Air Dry Enamel Paints (DecoArt): Gloss White; Orange; Gloss Black; Royal Fuchsia; Yellow Green; Christmas Green; Baby Blue; True Blue
  • Green ribbon, 1/2”
  • Fuchsia cardstock
  • Crystal medium bead
  • Ultra-fine iridescent glitter
  • Silver metal eyelet screw
  • Silver head pin, 1-1/2” long


  • Graphite Transfer Paper (Loew-Cornell)
  • American Painter paintbrushes (Loew- Cornell): Filbert, Series 4500, #8; Round, Series 4000, #1, #4; Liner, Series 4350, #1
  • Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Glue (API)
  • Hole punch, 3/16”
  • Vinegar
  • Computer and printer or black fine-tip permanent pen
  • Optional computer font (Autumn Leaves): TIA Printalicious

Pattern - Snowman Jar
Pattern - Sugared Nuts Recipe

  • 1. Use paper towel to wipe jar with vinegar. Let dry. Print and cut out pattern. Use graphite paper to transfer design to one side of jar.
  • 2. Paint snowman Gloss White, using a dabbing motion for added texture. Mix Baby Blue with Gloss White for lt. blue, and dab lightly along left side and bottom of snowman to shade. Dab Gloss White on top of shading to soften as needed. Paint eye and chest dots Gloss Black.
  • 3. Paint carrot nose Orange; shade bottom Royal Fuchsia.
  • 4. Paint hat band Royal Fuchsia and remaining hat area Gloss Black. Paint tiny vertical lines on band Gloss White. Paint tiny dots across top of band Yellow Green. Shade left side and bottom of hat with True Blue.
  • 5. Paint scarf Yellow Green; shade bottom edges Christmas Green. Paint tiny dots on scarf and fringe lines at ends of scarf Royal Fuchsia. Paint tiny dots on ends of fringe Yellow Green.
  • 6. Paint large evenly spaced dots around snowman on all sides of jar with Baby Blue. Let dots dry. Paint smaller dots in upper right side of each blue dot Gloss White. Let dots dry.
  • 7. Screw metal eye into center top of cork stopper. Place bead on head pin. Bend end of head pin over metal eye until it touches bead.
  • 8. Tie ribbon bow around jar. Pint "sugared nuts" on cardstock; trim to tag shape. Punch hole in right side of tag; attach eyelet. Dab glue around edge of tag; use paintbrush or sponge to quickly sprinkle glitter on glue. Use craft thread to attach tag to bow on jar.
  • 9. Make sugared nuts, following recipe and fill jar.
  • Glass Painting Tips
  • 1. For basecoat, let paint dry between coats.
  • 2. Paint as many coats as needed until coverage is opaque.
  • 3. For dots, dip end of paintbrush handle or toothpick in paint, then dab on project.