Layered Jar Mixes & Recipes

size: 7" tall


  • Glass quart jar
  • Papers: Dasher light & medium blue dot; textured orange (Basic Grey); green gingham; green solid; red dot; red solid (Daisy D’s)
  • White cardstock
  • White/gold pom-pom, 1/2”
  • White/gold chenille stem
  • Ribbon: lime green dot; red dot
  • Black round brad
  • Gold eyelet, 1/8”
  • Recipe ingredients


  • Black fine-tip permanent marker
  • Blue ink pad
  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • Computer and printer

Pattern - Layered Jar Mixes
Pattern - Oatmeal Fruit Cookies
Pattern - Farmhouse Soup

  • General
  • 1. Print and cut out patterns.
  • Snowman Jar
  • 1. To cover lid, place lid on wrong side of light blue dot paper; trace. Draw another line 1/2" outside of first pencil line. Cut out circle. Make cuts into circle, 1/4" apart, up to first pencil line. Glue circle to top of jar lid, folding cut edge over to side of lid. Cut a strip from light blue paper to fit around jar lid; glue.
  • 2. Layer ingredients in jar, following recipe. Screw lid onto jar. Wrap and glue green ribbon around side of lid; tie bow.
  • 3. For tag, print "oatmeal fruit cookies" or "farmhouse soup" instructions on white cardstock, using 2-1/2" line length (leaving space above writing for snowman's head). Transfer scarf and head pattern above words. Cut tag shape around words, trimming bottom 1/4" from words.
  • 4. Print recipe name on green paper; trim to 1/2"x2-3/4" rectangle. Glue rectangle to tag above ingredients.
  • 5. Cut carrot nose from orange paper and hat from red dot paper. Glue nose and hat to tag. Draw eye dots. Ink tag edges.
  • 6. Punch hole in hat at dot indicated on pattern; attach eyelet. Glue pom-pom to tip of hat and chenille stem across bottom of hat. Knot red ribbon; trim ends 1" page knot and glue to right side of scarf. Insert green thread through eyelet and tie around bow on jar.
  • Bear Jar
  • 1. Follow Steps 1 through 4 from Snowman instructions, using medium blue dot paper to cover lid, bear pattern for tag, and red paper for scarf.
  • 2. Cut muzzle from white cardstock; ink round edges. Cut hat from green gingham paper. Glue muzzle and hat to tag. Draw eye dots. Punch hole in muzzle; attach brad for nose. Ink tag edges.
  • 3. Repeat Step 6 from Snowman instructions.