3-D Cookie Ornaments & Recipe

for  Wilton Industries, Inc.

sizes: red-and-green ornament, 3-1/2" tall; snowflake ornament, 3-1/2" tall; stocking, 4-3/4" tall


  • White Ready-To-Use Fondant*
  • Gum-Tex*
  • Disposable Decorating Bags*
  • Ribbon, 1/8”, 10” length
  • Cornstarch.
  • Meringue Powder*
  • Icing Colors: Christmas Red; Red-Red; Kelly Green
  • Meringue Powder*
  • White Ready-to-Use Rolled Fondant*
  • White Pearl Dust*
  • White Ready-to-Use Rolled Fondant*
  • Primary Color Fondant Multi-pack*
  • Icing Color*: Brown
  • Granulated sugar


  • Rolling Pin*, 9”
  • Roll & Cut Mat*
  • Paper towels
  • Facial tissue
  • 18-piece Metal Holiday Cutter Set*
  • Cookie Sheet*
  • Decorating Tips*: No. 3; No. 8
  • Cake Board*
  • Spatula*
  • Brush Set*
  • Snowflakes Nesting Cookie Cutters*
  • Cake Board*
  • Decorating Tips*: No. 2; No. 5; No. 8
  • Cookie cutter sets*: Christmas four-piece Grippy Cutters; Holiday Mini Cutters
  • Confectionery Tool Set*
  • Cutter/Embosser*
  • Brush Set*
  • FoodWriter Edible Color Markers*: Fine-Tip
  • Decorating Tip*: No. 4

Pattern - Roll-Out Cookies
Pattern - Royal Icing

  • Red-and-Green Ornament
  • 1. For fondant, cut out fondant pieces ornament at least 2 days in advance. Knead one teaspoon Gum-Tex into 12 oz. of fondant, then divide in half. Color one half Kelly Green and remaining half mix of Red-Red with Christmas Red. Roll out green fondant to 1/8" thick; use cutter to cut out ornament shape. Move cutter 3/8" beyond right side of ornament and cut again. Move cutter 3/8" beyond the left side and cut again. Trim off top and bottom from ornament and remove inner circle to make four crescents. Repeat for a total of 18 crescent shapes. Let dry on cornstarch dusted cake board.
  • 2. For cookie, make Roll-Out Cookie dough recipe as directed. Roll out dough; cut out ornament shape, dipping cutter in flour before each use. Use No. 8 tip to cut hole in top area. Bake and cool. Cut hole again with tip if needed. When cool, place cookie on cooling rack and ice back side with thinned royal icing. When set, turn over, using thinned royal icing in decorating bag, cover cookie with icing. Let dry.
  • 3. To assemble ornament, roll out red and green fondant to 1/8" thick; cut out top and bottom trims. Use No. 8 tip to brush back of fondant pieces with damp brush and attach to front of cookie ornament base. Use full-strength royal icing and No. 3 tip to attach nine crescent shapes to cookie ornament base, leaving 1/2" space between pieces. Support with facial tissue and let dry. Turn ornament over and let it rest in a 3"-wide container for support. Attach remaining fondant trims and crescent shapes to back. Let dry. For hanger, thread ribbon through hole and knot ends.
  • Snowflake Ornament
  • 1. For snowflake cut-outs, knead 1 tsp. of Gum-Tex to 12 oz. of fondant. Roll out fondant to 1/8" thick. Use second largest snowflake cutter to cut out three snowflakes. Use No. 8 tip to cut hole in tops, 1/4" from edges. Cut two snowflakes in half right through hole and down center, creating four halves. Let dry on cornstarch dusted cake board for 48 hours.
  • 2. Use Royal Icing and No. 2 tip, pipe lines on snowflakes. Let dry. Turn over and repeat on back. Let dry.
  • 3. To assemble ornament, use no. 5 tip and apply heavy pressure to pipe line of icing on center of whole snowflake; position snowflake halves on icing and support with crumbled facial tissue as needed. Let dry. Turn over and repeat for back side. Let dry. Dust with White Pearl Dust. For hanger, thread ribbon through hole and knot ends.
  • Stocking Ornament
  • 1. For fondant, knead 1/2 tsp. Gum-Tex into Red Fondant packet and 4 oz. white fondant. Knead 1/4 tsp. into half packages of yellow and green fondant. (Note: Reserve remaining fondant for future use.)
  • 2. Roll out all fondant to 1/8" thick. Roll out brown fondant; cut out bear. Roll out green fondant; cut out 1"x1-1/2" rectangle for gift box. Roll out white fondant; cut 1/8"-wide strip for ribbon and use damp brush to "adhere" to gift box. For bow, shape two small white fondant teardrops and small ball; use damp brush to "adhere" to gift box. Cut out candy cane from white fondant. Use wide opening of No. 4 tip to cut ball from yellow fondant; use damp brush to wet surface and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Let dry. Use FoodWriters to draw stripes on candy cane and facial features on bear. Shape tiny bow from red fondant and "adhere" to bear.
  • 3. Roll out red fondant; cut out two stockings. Use ridged embossing wheel on cutter/embosser to emboss lines, 1/4" apart, on one stocking. Roll 1/2"x2" log from fondant. Adhere to plain stocking, pressing and tapering sides as needed. For hanger, fold ribbon in half, knot ends, and place on top right side of stocking. "Adhere" gift, bear, ball, and candy cane inside stocking.
  • 4. Brush edge of stocking with damp brush and "adhere" embossed stocking on top, sandwiching ribbon hanger between layers and pressing edges to secure.
  • 5. For stocking cuff, roll out white fondant to 3/16" thick; cut 7/8"x2-1/2" strip. Use ball tool to create "fur" look, then "adhere" to stocking.