Blueberry Scone Mix in a Jar & Recipe

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 8" tall

  • Blueberry Scone Mix in a Jar & Recipe


  • Ball wide mouth quart jar with lid
  • Recipe ingredients
  • Natural burlap, 8”x13-1/2”
  • Wool felt: lt. blue; med. blue; lt. green; med. green
  • Coordinating homespun fabric, 5-1/2” pinking-edged circle
  • Jute twine
  • Lt. blue satin ribbon, 1/8”
  • Wooden dowel, 1/4”, 4” length
  • Silver eyelet, 3/16”
  • Black perle cotton, #12
  • Lt. blue cardstock


  • Blue ink pad
  • Batting
  • Hole punch, 3/16”
  • Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Glue (API)
  • Embroidery needle
  • Sewing machine and lt. brown thread
  • Computer and printer

Pattern - Blueberry Scone Mix in a Jar
Pattern - Blueberry Scone Mix in a Recipe

  • 1. For burlap sack, machine sew zigzag stitch around edge of burlap rectangle. Fold rectangle in half widthwise and sew 3/8" from sides, leaving 1" unstitched at top. Turn sack right side out, Fold top of sack over 1".
  • 2. For stems, cut three 1/4"x9-1/2" strips from green felt (two from light and one from medium). Glue med. green strip vertically to center of sack, beginning and ending just under folded edge. Glue lt. green strips 1" from both sides of center strip. (Note: Glue holds strips in place until they are stitched.) Use perle cotton to sew running stitch through center of strips.
  • 3. Print and cut out patterns. Cut four flowers each from light and medium blue felt. Draw 3/4" circle in center of each flower. Use black thread to sew tiny running stitch around drawn circle, pull thread ends to gather and knot thread ends together. Sew medium blue flowers to tops of side strips, and lt. blue flowers to tops of center strip. Fold bottom corners of sack up and stitch 2" from corner. Sew lt. blue flowers to stitched corners.
  • 4. Cut four leaves from med. green wool and two leaves from lt. green wool. Make a tuck in leaves at bottom and use perle cotton to sew to stems.
  • 5. Layer ingredients in jar, following recipe. Screw lid on jar.
  • 6. Cut two 3-1/4" circles from batting and glue to top of lid. Place fabric circle on lid. Wrap rubber band around side of lid to secure fabric. Wrap jute around side of lid several times and tie off-center bow in front. Place jar in burlap sack.
  • 7. Wrap wire around dowel, leaving 5" of straight wire at ends. Thread wire ends through top of burlap sack at sides. Bend wire 1" from ends and bend back around wire handle. Straighten handle over jar.
  • 8. For tag, print "what to do" instructions on cardstock, using 2-1/4" line length; trim to tag shape and ink edges. Punch hole; attach eyelet. Insert blue ribbon through eyelet and tie to handle.