Paint Chip Wall Art

This would be lovely using varying shades of a single color to create an ombre effect, or cut the pieces into smaller sizes and create a mosaic shape using a printed piece of clip art as a guide.
By  Alice Golden 



  • Frame, 17”x21”
  • Mat poster board (optional)
  • Paint swatches in colors of choice


  • Therm O Web 3D Foam Squares  
  • Punch in desired shapes (optional)

basic supplies

  • Scissors

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Project Instructions

1. Select paint swatches and trim each one into random polygon shapes. For a more uniform look, cut paint swatches into squares or use a punch to create shapes such as hearts, circles or butterflies.

2. Cut and apply 3D foam adhesive to backs of each trimmed swatch and adhere to white backing insert that comes with frame. If the frame doesn’t include a white backing insert, use mat side of poster board and cut to size. 

3. Assemble frame and hang on wall.