Vintage Tags for Coloring

By  Marie Browning 


Canson Mix Media Paper
Silk Ribbon, 1”  


Tombow Irojiten Colored Pencils

Tombow Colored Pencil Eraser

Tombow MONO Dots Adhesive



Hole Punch

1. Visit and click on Tips + Project to download coloring page. Print with inkjet printer onto 8½”x11” Canson Mix Media paper.

2. Using Irojiten Colored Pencils to basecoat main colors by coloring with light pressure. If you want to change a color, erase lightly with the Colored Pencil Eraser and add a new color. When erasing, be gentle and slowly erase away color. If you are too rough, you may erase printed lines.

3. Color in details using different hues of the same color to add interest and showcase different details. Layer colors and shade with darker colors. Use harder pressure when coloring to achieve deeper hues. Create highlights in the snail, snail’s shell, cap of larger mushrooms and down the middle of the mushroom stem using the Colored Pencil Eraser.

4. For large spaces, such as the parchment, continue to add layers of color in back and forth light blending strokes. Then with harder pressure, darken edges in shadows. Use Colored Pencil Eraser to help blend colors by gently erasing. This creates a subtle color change and helps blend the color into the texture of the paper for a smoother coloring.

5. Trim colored tags, leaving a slight edge. Use MONO Dots Adhesive to adhere tag to matching colored piece of cardstock, then trim again. Punch a hole at the top and thread ribbon through.