Vellum Feathers

These Vellum feathers are lovely and light, while the gold tips provide chic sophistication. They are quick to make, so craft a bunch, because you’ll want to use them on all your projects! All of the following projects were created using a single sheet of Vellum paper.
By  Mauren Wilson for Grafix 


Clear Grafix Vellum #24 Weight
Patterned paper
Small clothes pins 


Sakura Gold Pen-touch
Sakura Gelly Roll Gold Shadow
Corner rounder punch
Glue stick 



*Tip: Vellum has a smooth, non-porous surface, so it can be tricky to find ink that adheres properly. Many standard types of ink will bead up when used on Vellum. However, Sakura makes several products that work beautifully on Vellum. Use a Pen-touch metallic paint marker to gild the tips of feathers.


1. Cut feather shape out of Vellum. This is essentially an elongated raindrop with a stem as the quill.

2. Once feather is cut, fold drop-shaped portion in half lengthwise. Do not fold the quill portion. Crease sharply to create a visible white line on the fold.

3. Color edge of feather with the Gold Pen-touch Marker. Place feather on a piece of scrap paper and trace around outer edge of feather, on both the front and the back. Allow ink to set for a minute, it won’t smear, but the ink is a tad bit sticky for a minute or so.

4. Starting at the tip of the feather, cut at a downward angle, stopping close to the crease line. Continue making slits down the length of feather. Repeat on opposite side.

5. Feathers will look more realistic if they aren’t perfect. Make random snips, shortening some of the feather pieces, and making others narrower. Don’t worry if feathers are different shapes and sizes, it will make your project look more organic and natural.

6. Gently twist feather to give it shape and dimension. Vellum is easy to bend and fold, and holds its shape well.

You’re An Angel Card

1. Make 4¼"x5½" top-fold card from white cardstock with rounded corners.

2. Cut three rectangles from patterned paper and round corners as desired. Adhere one rectangle vertically, covering the left third of the card. Adhere other two rectangles to the right portion of the card as shown.

3. Apply adhesive to quills of two feathers and adhere at an angle with quills crossed as shown.

4. Fussy cut journaling frame and adhere to blank space above the feathers. Write "You're An Angel" in the frame using Gelly Roll Gold Shadow. 

5. Rub edge of card with Gold Pen-touch Marker.

Feathered Bunting

1. Clip small clothespins to a length of twine.

2. Slide feather quills into clothespin as desired.

3. Hang bunting with tape.