Holiday Embellished Lettering

Learn some easy embellishments to accent your lettering! It’s easy to quickly add greenery, a poinsettia, holiday lights or sparkles! Tombow “DoodleDabs” are an easy way to draw these fun motifs. They were developed especially to use with Tombow markers.
By  Marie Browning for Tombow 





Dual Brush Pens:

025 Light Orange, 173 Willow Green, 195 Light Green, 346 Sea Green, 249 Hunter Green, 565 Deep Blue, 535 Cobalt Blue, 606 Violet, 665 Purple, 603 Periwinkle, 451 Sky Blue, 835 Persimmon, N15 Black


Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Blending palette

Glue Pen 








A teardrop-shaped stroke makes all the different designs. Just "dab" the brush pen to the paper. Make the strokes larger by pressing down hard on the brush tip, pushing firmly so you get a decent size teardrop stroke. The teardrop strokes are usually made with the point facing away from you. For example, when making a heart, simply turn the paper around to accommodate the stroke.

Use the fine tip of the marker when drawing stems or whenever you want a thin, consistent line. For a two-toned teardrop stroke, place the darker color on the blending palette. Using the brush tip, pick up the color with the light colored marker. Make the teardrop stroke and it will magically come out as a two-toned stroke. 


Holiday Flourish

Holiday Flourish Calligraphy

Draw a shallow curl for the main stem. Add branches and then teardrop shaped leaves. Add a few red berries, leaving a tiny dot uncolored for the highlight.

Holiday Cheer Calligraphy with Berry Accents

For a cheerful variation, replace the berries in the holiday flourish with red hearts. The lettering was done with the Fudenosuke Brush Pen.

Holly Days Calligraphy with Wreath

Draw a circle around your lettering made with the Fudenosuke Brush Pen. Add the holiday flourish to create a wreath.


Poinsettia Lettering Embellishments

Start with the center and add dots with the fine tip. Make two-toned red and green teardrop strokes around the center for the petals. Add a green curl and the two-toned leaves.

Joy Calligraphy

The extended flourish from the "y" makes a perfect stem to add a poinsettia.


Sparkle Embellishment for Calligraphy

Make crosses with the fine tip. Add more lines to create the sparkle. Add dots to ends with fine tip. With the light blue marker and using the brush tip, add a dot in the middle of the sparkle. Use the Glue Pen to stick a rhinestone into each sparkle.

Peace Calligraphy

Use the sparkling rhinestones to make this lettering glimmer. 

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights Embellishment

Start by making a cord with the fine tip. Add teardrop-shaped lights with the brush tip. With the fine tip, add a tiny square socket at the base of each light and a plug at the end. Optional: Use the Glue Pen in each bulb, then sprinkle on clear glitter to make them sparkle.

Be Merry and Bright Calligraphy

Continue the bottom of the "g" and create a cord with the fine tip black marker to add holiday lights to your lettering. Use the Glue Pen to add glitter to each bulb for a twinkling embellishment.

The lettering was done with the Dual Brush Pens or the Fudenosuke Brush Pens and using the lettering guide found on