Hanukkah Gift Boxes

In many homes, Hanukkah "gelt," or money, is a traditional gift. Today's gelt is often gold foil-covered chocolate coins. Here are simple ways to create small gift boxes perfect for gelt (or any time)!
By  Roberta G. Wax 

size varies


Cardstock: silver, white

Decorative paper (gift wrap, maps, tissue paper etc.)

Empty toilet paper roll

Computer-generated greeting

Silver ribbon

Old holiday cards



Die cutting machine and Stampin’ Up! dies: Curvy Keepsakes Box Thinlets set, Cheerful Tags Framlets Die

We R Memory Keeper’s Goodie Bag Guide

Star of David stamp

VersaMark Embossing Ink

Blue embossing powder

Hole punch

Adhesives: craft adhesive, Quickie Glue Pen

Basic tools




Bone folder

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Project Instructions

Hanukkah Goodie Bag

1. Follow manufacturer’s instructions on the Goodie Bag Guide tool using 12”x10” paper to create a 7½”x4¾” bag.

2. Create tag using Cheerful Tags die with silver cardstock. Fold along score line.

3. Emboss star on scrap cardstock. Fussy cut and adhere to center of silver tag.

4. Fold top of goodie bag down. Fold tag over top of goodie bag. Punch hole at top of bag lined up with hole already in tag. Tie tag to bag using silver ribbon.

Hanukkah Popper

1. Cut 6½”x13” from decorative paper so it fits all the way around cardboard tube, leaving ½” overlap and 3” on each end for gathering.

2. Apply adhesive to toilet paper roll. Lay tube centered along long edge of paper and roll until covered. Add more adhesive if needed to seal seam.

3. Gather and pinch one end of extra paper and tie with ribbon.

4. Fill tube with goodies, then repeat Step 3 to gather and close other end.

5. Decorate as desired. Print and trim computer-generated sentiment on white cardstock. Trace each letter with glue pen then add glitter. Do one letter at a time as glue dries quickly. Shake off glitter from each letter before going on to the next.

6. Add tag as desired.  

Easy Recyled Box from Holiday Card

Box top

1. Cut greeting card in half along fold. Use card front for box top and back panel for box bottom.

2. Use ruler to create diagonal lines from top left to bottom right corner, then from top right to bottom left corner. (The intersection of lines is the card center.)

3. Fold one long edge of rectangle down toward card center. Repeat for other long edge. Use bone folder to get a crisp crease. Unfold and repeat on shorter ends, folding each side toward card center.

4. On short end, cut along fold line, stopping when you get to the crossing fold line. Do this for each corner to create tabs.

5. Fold tabs in and adhere together. Fold up longer tab. (The top will be slightly higher than box edge.) Adhere tab down and carefully fold over extending piece. Smooth with bone folder if necessary and adhere.

Box bottom

1. Box bottom must be smaller than box top. Trim ¼” from one long edge and ¼” from one short edge.

2. Fold all sides toward center, as you did for the top.

3. Cut flaps as you did for the top. Complete box as you did above.

4. Optional: trace bottom of box on a piece of decorative paper and cut it slightly smaller than your pencil lines. Adhere into bottom of box.

Box with Stick, 2¼”x2¼”x4”

1. Die cut Sizzix Box with Stick Handle Hole from cardstock and assemble. Cut skewer to size (or substitute ribbon). Paint skewer silver and let dry. Insert silver skewer through holes. Tie ribbon and fibers onto stick.

2. Create rosettes and adhere to box front using hot glue gun.

3. Emboss silver star onto white cardstock scrap. Cut and adhere star to center of rosette using hot glue. Create number tag and tie to skewer.

Curvy Box, 2½”x2½”x2½”

1. Die cut two Curvy Keepsake Box Dies from Fancy Frost Specialty Designer Series Paper. Stain two pieces with Salty Ocean Distress Stain; let dry. Spray pieces with Perfect Pearls; let dry.

2. Adhere bottom pieces together following manufacturer’s instructions. Let dry.

3. Slightly curve sides using bone folder. Pull two sides with handles together and slip slits over handles. Create number tag and tie to handle.

Upcycled Soap Box Bag, 2½”x4”x1½”

1. Cut flaps from top, open end of soap box. Lay box on decorative paper, leaving enough paper at base and top of box to cover ends. Gently fold paper over box to determine how much paper is needed; add 1” for overlapping seam. Cut paper to size.

2. Position box on paper. For a seamless look, fold under one edge of paper and crease with bone folder. Make sure folded edge meets up with left edge of paper when wrapped around box. Remove box from paper. Apply double sided tape around all four sides of box and carefully lay box on paper. Fold paper around box so folded edge overlaps ½” of left edge.

3. For box bottom, fold in sides and edges as if you are wrapping a gift. For box top, trim excess paper so 2” extends over box top. Cut slim triangles into corners of excess paper so they fold easily into the box and adhere.

4. For ribbon handle, punch hole near box top on short sides. Thread ribbon through and tie knot on box inside to secure.

5. Decorate front of box as desired using vellum rosette and embossed star. Create number tag and tie to handle.

Dreidel Box, 3¼”x1¾”x 3¼”

1. Follow Punch Board directions to punch, score and fold silver cardstock to desired size.

2. Stamp and emboss dreidels on scrap paper. Fussy cut dreidels and adhere to box using dimensional adhesive.

3. Fill box and tie with ribbon. Create number tag and tie to ribbon.

Hinged Box, 4½”x3”x1”

1. Visit, search for “Baker’s Box Template” and print. Trace pattern on back of decorative cardstock. Score, cut, assemble and adhere according to directions.

2. Die cut bottle tag from Cheerful Tags Framelits Dies. Cut tag at score line to create slots. Set aside.

3. Stamp sentiment with VersaMark ink and trim to desired size. Cover sentiment with foil and run through laminator or foiling machine following manufacturer’s instructions. Trim sentiment corners and edge with silver ink. Mat sentiment with decorative cardstock and adhere onto silver tag with dimensional tape.

4. Thread ribbon through tag slots and affix ends to back of box. Create number tag and tie to slot opening.