Rolled Paper Frame

A great way to use up extra pieces of scrapbook paper and make a lasting gift for someone special!
By  Linda Valentino 



Wooden frame, 7¾”x7¾” with 3½”x3½” opening
Patterned scrapbook paper, 12”x12”: brown, gold, orange, tan
Dowel, ¼”x12”


DecoArt Americana Mink Tan Acrylic Paint
Adhesives: API’S Crafter’s Pick Fabric Glue, Ultimate Tacky Glue

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1. Cut four 1½”x5¾” brown rectangles and eight 1½”x5¾” rectangles each from gold, orange and tan scrapbook papers.

2. Wrap one rectangle lengthwise tightly around dowel. Run bead of adhesive on final edge and continue rolling. Hold straw until adhesive sets and pull out dowel. Continue making a total of 28 straws.

3. Paint frame and sides Mink Tan; let dry. Adhere one brown straw horizontally under photo opening with left end of straw below left corner of opening. Adhere second brown straw vertically along right side of opening with bottom end of straw lined up with bottom right corner of opening. Continue around opening with brown straws. Adhere six straws in alternating colors next to each brown straw.

4. Insert photo in opening. 


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