Industrial Wall Art

By  Kathleen George  for  Dow Chemical Co.



STYROFOAM Brand Foam Sheet, 1”x12”x18”
Paper: textured, rustic, distressed, photo realistic, metallic
Metal embellishments
Found metallic objects
Hook and loop hangers


Low-temperature glue gun and sticks
White craft adhesive


Straight pins
Rotary cutter
Cutting mat

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1. Cut 1” wide strips from metallic paper and adhere to cover side edges of foam sheet using white craft adhesive. Insert straight pins to hold paper in place while adhesive dries.

2. Cut an assortment of paper strips 1” to 3” wide and 12” long. Arrange paper strips on foam sheet as desired. Cut additional strips and rectangles to fill in random areas for added interest.

3. Adhere lightweight paper strips to foam sheet using pins and white craft adhesive. Adhere heavier papers using low-temp glue gun. Rearrange as you please and layer paper pieces as desired.

4. Attach metallic findings and embellishments using low-temp glue gun. Attach hook and loop hangers to back for hanging.

*tip: Mix and match a wide variety of papers and dimensional embellishments to create edgy, industrial chic wall art reminiscent of antique crazy quilts.

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