USA Pinwheel Candy Pot

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 15-1/2"x9"

  • USA Pinwheel Candy Pot


  • Terra cotta pot, 6”x4-1/2”
  • Dow STYROFOAM Brand Foam: Block, 3”x3"; Ball, 3”
  • Wooden skewers, 16
  • White glitter cardstock
  • Patriotic print papers, assorted designs
  • White excelsior paper
  • Red glitter ribbon, 5/8”-wide
  • Curling ribbon: red, white, blue
  • White embroidery floss
  • Assorted candy with red, white, and blue wrappers, 14 pieces


  • Alphabet stamps of choice
  • Decorative-edge scissors
  • Ink pads: blue, clear embossing
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint: Snow White, True Blue
  • White embossing powder
  • Adhesives: API Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate! Glue, tape

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, ruler, scoring tool, heat tool, scissors, paintbrush

Pattern - USA Pinwheel Candy Pot

  • 1. Print out full-size patterns. Cut star patterns from glitter cardstock; ink edges blue. Cut circle patterns from print papers. Mat largest circle with white cardstock; leaving 1/4" border, trim around circle using decorative-edge scissors. Stamp "USA" on center of circle using embossing ink. Sprinkle with embossing powder; heat set.
  • 2. Cut panels from patriotic papers: 3"x12", 4"x12", 5"x12". Score longest side of each panel every 1/2"; accordion fold. Tie center of pleated circle with floss; pull short edges together and adhere to make pleated disk for pinwheel. Adhere circles from Step 1 to center of each pinwheel, with "USA" matted circle on largest pinwheel.
  • 3. Adhere skewers to backs of pinwheels and stars. Reinforce with tape if needed.
  • 4. Paint clay pot Snow White; let dry. Paint pot rim True Blue; let dry. Cut twelve 3-3/4" lengths of red glitter ribbon; adhere vertically to pot sides. (Note: Adhere pieces at north, south, east, and west points first, then two pieces between each.)
  • 5. Adhere foam block inside pot. Cut ball into fourths; insert pieces snugly into bottom of pot around square. Stick pinwheels and stars into pot, cutting bottom of skewers as necessary to vary lengths. Cover foam with excelsior. Tape skewer to back of candy, tie curling ribbon around each, and insert into pot.