Bunny Treat

By  Rebecca Spohn 

size: 6"x8"

  • Bunny Treat


  • Cardstock, 9”x12”, two each: lavender, pink, yellow, white, bright green
  • Paper, 9”x12”, assorted coordinating colors and prints
  • Paper cups, 2-1/4”x2"
  • Ribbon: light pink gauze, 1/4”x60”; assorted colors, 1/4”x8” (for each bunny)
  • Buttons, assorted colors, 1/4” (for each bunny)
  • Pink pom-poms, 1/2” (for each bunny)
  • Treats


  • Paintbrush
  • Circle punch, 1/8"
  • Acrylic paints: yellow, bright blue, pink
  • Assorted markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Adhesives: tacky glue, glue stick

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil and transfer paper, palette
  • 1. Follow steps in bunny garland to create bunnies, except do not punch holes in bow.
  • 2. Paint paper cups in acrylic paint color of choice. (Note: Two or three coats may be needed.) Let dry.
  • 3. Adhere each cup to bottom center of each bunny so it will stand. Fill cups with treats.